Fly Cutters

Century’s Fly Cutters are engineered for maximum performance and reliability. Both the Standard and Heavy Duty Series are built from quality steel components with replaceable carbide cutter teeth and carbide jets. We also offer a Light Duty Series Fly Cutter that is designed specifically for small rig applications. These Light Duty Fly Cutters are built with the same quality standards built into both the SD and HD Series Fly Cutters.

SD Series Fly Cutters

For Soft Formations – Sands & Clay


  • Replaceable Carbide Jets
  • Replaceable Carbide Cutter Teeth and Blocks
  • Hardfacing on outside of Ring

Fly Cutter

HD Series Fly Cutters

For gravel & cobble


  • Heavy 2″ thick front cutter ring
  • Replaceable Cutter Blocks
  • Replaceable Nozzle Posts

Fly Cutter - 42''

LD Series Fly Cutter

For Small Rig Applications


  • Ideal for smaller rigs 50 – 200 Class
  • Same quality standards as the SD and HD Series
  • Replaceable Carbide Teeth

Fly Cutter

Replacement Cutter Blocks

For new or Existing Fly Cutters


  • Available in custom cut lengths
  • Reduces replacement costs of individual blocks and teeth to a single bar
  • Replaceable in the field with 100% accuracy of teeth angle

Replacement Cutter Block


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