Century Falcon Series Hole Openers

featured falcon 1407In the Rock Reaming world there are not many options to choose from when you are the owner of a small rig. In fact, many small rig contractors will not even bid on a job that requires drilling through rock due to the lack of Hole Opener options for jobs that encounter rock.

Customer Feedback

falcon series hole openerAt Century, we heard this time and again from our customers. And we agreed with our customers, there should be something better out there that they can buy to get through a rock job. That is why we set our Engineering Team in motion to design a Hole Opener that would withstand the high rotational torque and pull forces required to fracture harder rock yet be light enough for the 50 – 200 class rigs.

Engineered Solution

featured falcon 017Their answer was our Falcon Series Hole Openers. Based on the same performance driven design as our Gold Series Hole Openers, the Falcon Series Hole Openers boast a solid body design. This is a critical feature as it virtually eliminates cutter flex, maximizing the energy directed at fracturing rock.

falcon series hole opener arm coneIn addition, the design utilizes larger cutter segments. With the 12 ½” and 16″ options, you are able to achieve longer down-hole time which improves your bottom-line performance. These Arm & Cone Assemblies are customer replaceable which turns a disposable piece of equipment into an asset.

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