Arm & Cone Advantages

Century’s Replaceable High Load / High Energy Bearing Design comes in both Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) and Milled Tooth configurations. Three different cone sizes are available in our Gold Series, 17″, 22″ and 26″ with three different cutting structures incorporating TCI Conical and Chisel profiles as well as Milled Tooth. Two different cone sizes are available in our Falcon Series, 12.5″ and 16″ with one cutting structure incorporating TCI Conical profiles.

Century Cone Profiles

C38 ConicalC27 ChiselMilled Tooth

Century Arm & Cone Advantages

  • HSN O-Ring Seals – For the high energy required, Century has designed and utilizes the largest seal in the industry. HSN Material utilized for wear, heat compression and chemical resistance properties.
  • Premium Crowned Roller Bearings – Gives the bearing the capability to withstand the extreme high loads.
  • Premium Silver-Plated Floating Thrust Bearing – Allows for reduced frictional heat build-up to ensure lower operational temperatures under high-energy operations. This design facilitates the longer bit life Century’s reputation has been built around.
  • Gage Row Protection – Double the number of carbide inserts that actively cut the gage diameter and assist in maintaining tight tolerances and extending in-gage bit life.
  • Shirttail/Leg Protection – Hard Facing along with carbide inserts blanket the shirttail and leg providing superior wear resistance.

Century Arm & Cone Assemblies

12.5″ TCI Conical16″ TCI Conical
arm cone 16 C38 5672arm cone 22 C27 Chisel 3365
17″ C38 Conical22″ C27 Chisel
arm cone 22 Milled Tooth comboarm cone 26 C27 Conical combo
22″ Milled Tooth26″ C27 Conical