Features & Options

Century Hole Opener design

By offering the industry a re-buildable Hole Opener design, Century has turned an otherwise disposable piece of equipment into an asset. Multiple cutting structures can be inserted into one body allowing for a truly versatile tool designed to be used over and over again.

Incorporating key industry principles, both the Gold Series and Falcon Series Hole Openers are engineered to provide solutions in the most stringent drilling conditions.

Design Features:

  • hole openerPrecision-machined solid body welded to a Shaft
  • Patented pocket arm design
  • Replaceable Arm & Cone Assemblies
  • Sealed roller journal bearing technology
  • Largest cross section seal in the industry

Standard Options:

  • Active Gage Protection
  • Shirttail Protection
  • Advanced hydraulics features
  • Multiple point stabilization options

Engineered Design Advantages:

  • Provide greater cutting action with larger carbide inserts
  • Eliminates the need for extra reaming passes with larger cones
  • Extends the bearing and seal life with reduced cone revolutions
  • Allows increased load capacities due to larger bearings

Built in stabilization features results in a well-balanced tool machined to exacting standards. Interchangeable jet nozzles, job specific front stabilizers and rear stabilizers for increased strength and easy borehole removal are integral components of every custom or off the shelf Hole Opener.

A full line of Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) and Milled Tooth cutting structures are available for a wide variety of formations. Gage Protection features for longer in-gage bit life along with Shirttail/Leg Protection for superior wear resistance are incorporated into both series. The Milled Tooth design uses the most advanced metals to attack the toughest applications.

Diversified Market Segments

Incorporating innovative features into every Hole Opener is the focus of Century’s R & D. With worldwide sales across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Pacific Rim, Century’s Hole Openers reach diversified markets in the Oil, Natural Gas, Water and Sewer industries.

Expect and Demand the Best – That is what we offer!

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