Maxi Swivels

Century’s Brewis Maxi Swivel

550 Ton Maxi SwivelFor maximum strength & durability with sizes
from 44 Tons to 550 Tons

This one-piece shaft and clevis is designed especially for extreme conditions with 4145 high strength heat treated steel.   Our maxi swivel line incorporates the highly regarded “SKF explorer spherical roller thrust bearing.” This bearing design achieves a high thrust capacity with a low friction and continuous roller alignment. This bearing type along with two radial alignment bearings is ideal for operating conditions that experience heavy loads, difficulty in establishing or maintaining housing alignment, or shaft deflection. Radial load bearings on either end of the rotating shaft extend the performance life of the swivel.


  • Patented sealing system keeps bentonite out and still allows for power greasing
  • Side grease point allows for easier greasing
  • Box to clevis design
SizeO.D.Max DynamicMax StaticPart No.
44(mm)163.0390 kN915 kN2-SW44
US Tons(Inches)6.4244 Tons103 Tons
US Tons(Inches)7.2858141
83(mm)225.0735 kN1800 kN2-SW83
US Tons(Inches)8.8683 Tons202 Tons
US Tons(Inches)10.24110281
154(mm)315.01370 kN3450 kN2-SW154
US Tons(Inches)12.40154 Tons388 Tons
175(mm)340.015604150 kN2-SW175
US Tons(Inches)13.39175467 Tons
210(mm)380.01860 kN5100 kN2-SW210
US Tons(Inches)14.96209Tons573Tons
US Tons(Inches)16.93265736
320(mm)470.02850 kN8000 kN2-SW320
US Tons(Inches)18.5320Tons899 Tons
US Tons(Inches)20.873821147
455(mm)560.04050 kN12900 kN2-SW455
US Tons(Inches)22.05455 Tons1450 Tons
US Tons(Inches)23.625511720
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